A skewed sonnet

Our assignment this week was to write a sonnet, but with the rhymes in the third and fourth line of each quatrain not occurring at the end of the line.

So, here is the second in my OED series, shaped to fit that brief. Given that the rhyme scheme becomes ‘submerged’ taking this approach, I wanted to let it rise to the surface again by having the last line of the third quatrain rhyme fully with the first line, before finishing with a convetional couplet. Maybe this echoes the murky, underwater tangling of the Blue Planet documentary that inspired it, while the ‘resurfacing’ to conventional rhyme heightens the irony of the call for a return to ‘simpler’ times that in a sense never really existed. ‘Chalypsography’ is an invented word, etymologically mal-formed, and neber used again, for a type of printing that was (apparently) initially devised for the printing of banknotes. Sigh.


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